Born in 1990, West-Berlin. Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.

Gideon Horváth is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Budapest, working with a wide range of mediums including videos, photos and installations. Conceptually he is mainly dealing with ecological, queer-ecological, new materialist and new realist theories. His works question anthropocentrism and dualistic worldviews, always giving space to the sensual and intuitive ways of experiencing nature and society. His most recents works are inspired by queer ecological theories, criticizing the heteronormative standards that we hold upon nature and ourselves.

He is also part of the xtro realm artist group with Anna Zilahi and Rita Süveges, co-curating a multitude of programs since 2017. They created a knowledge sharing and transdisciplinary platform that brings together contemporary art with theoretical, scientific and philosophical works on climate change.

photo: Zsuzsanna Simon

2010-13 Université Paris VIII. (Arts du spectacle - Cinéma)
2014-15 Hungarian Unversity of Fine Arts (Intermedia)

Selected solo exhibitions:
2021.09.14.-11.06. The Faun’s Ball @ TIC Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic
2021.01.07-02.05. Faun realness @ ISBN gallery, Budapest
2019.07. I put my hand into a beehive @ Budapest Galéria, Budapest
2019.05. Decaying structures have a sweet smell @ Stúdió Galéria, Budapest
2017.09. Vista @ Labor Galéria, Budapest
2016.04. Chaos @ Pécsi bőrgyár, Budapest

Selected group exhibitions:
2021.12.08. PATRON @ Q Contemporary, Budapest, Hungary
2021.11.06-12.04. InThe Beginning There Was The Garden, Botanical Garden of Budapest, Hungary
2021.10.21. And mistake these walls for skin @ Budapest Gallery, Hungary
2021.09.01. - Age of the Solastalgia @ Knoll Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2021.09.30. - Mythology Heritage @ House of Arts, Ústí Nad Labem, Czech Republic
2021.09.22.-10.29. - Slow Life @ Hungarian Cultural Institute, Brussels, Belgium
2021.07.17.-10.10. - #IFeelSeen @ Modem, Debrecen, Hungary
2021.07.01.-10.03. - OSTRALE Biennale O21 Dresden
2021.07.14.-09.05. - SLOW LIFE. RADICAL PRACTICES OF THE EVERYDAY @ Ludwig Museum, Budapest
2021.05.18.-07.24. - Age of the Solastalgia @ Knoll Gallery, Budapest
2021.04.23.-06.19. – xtro realm presents: ACLIM! Agency for Climate Imaginary @ OFF-Biennale Budapest
2020.11.01. – Slow Life – Radikale Praktiken des Alltags @ Ludwigmuseum, Koblen, Germany
2020.08.12.-09.11. - Unstable State of Things @ Glassyard Gallery, Budapest
2020.03. The story @ LOOP Gallery, Budapest
2019.10. Montag Modus w/ xtro realm @ CHB, Berlin
2019.04. FKSE+ 2019 @ Art+Text Gallery, Budapest
2018.09. 18' STÚDIÓ @ Barcsay Terem, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
2018.07. No Man's Land - Trafó smART! XTRA @ Bánkitó Fesztivál, Bánk
2018.05. Open Office @ FKSE – Küszöb Fesztivál, Budapest
2017.11. xtro realm exhibition @ FKSE – Budapest
2017.06. Forms - Cinema Teleport @ Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
2017.02. Exceptio Regulam Manducat - FKSE new members @ Labor Gallery, Budapest
2016.06. A Művészeti és Művészetelméleti Szakkollégium éves kiállítása @ Labor Gallery, Budapest
2015.10. Kreativitás a művészeti oktatásban @, Budapest
2014.11. A törés a szavakban van @ Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum

2020.09.-10. - Cité International des Arts, Paris
Everything else:
2019-21: curator of the xtro realm project: ACLIM! for the OFF Biennale with Anna Zilahi and Rita Süveges
2019: extrodæsia - Encyclopedia towards a postanthropocentric world - (editing and partial writing)
2019: xtro realm lecture at the Atlas of the Anthropocene Symposium, Humboldt Universitat, Berlin
2017-2020 Board member of Studio of Young Artists Association.

Founding member of xtro realm artist group.