Emergence series (2022)

Exhibited in the group exhibition 'Sensory Tales' in Krinzinger Schottenfeld, Vienna (13 September–22 October 2022).

Curators: Lívia Páldi & Rita Kálmán.

“Emergence series” (2022)
(A fountain, a vase and two gargoyles)

In the ”Emergence series” the artist examines the notion in relation to the identity's ever-emergent process of becoming. He perceives identity as an ambivalent entity that is both fluid in response to its changing environment and steady against oppressing norms. The installation shows fundamental symbols that are associated with fluids, water and their emerging phenomenons. However, instead of spewing water, the fountain resembles an overripe fruit with its inner content bursting out. The substance does not ejaculate but oozes out from its cracks. At its feet lies a vase that might serve as a carrier of the emerging material. From the back two gargoyles watch over this scene, also bursting with the elemental content that cannot be withheld.